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The Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering evolved from the Department of Civil Engineering in 1980. It shared on the Strategic plan of the Civil Engineering programme until its own curriculum was drawn up by the African Ministerial Council on Water Resources in collaboration with UNESCO.
The First Strategic plan of the Department was developed in 2002, while the revision of its curriculum was carried out in 2011. Therefore, the current five year Strategic plan will take the Department into its matured years as well as position it as a postgraduate training Department.
The existing postgraduate programme has been modified and restructured into three areas of specialization, namely: Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and Environmental Engineering. This strategic plan recognizes that addressing global challenges such as poverty, climate change and public health requires a strong foundation of knowledge to improve water management practices.

Prof. Abubakar Ismail
HOD Water Resource and Environmental Engineering